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Tuesday 11 April 2023

Dynamic Hydraulic Gear Box Testing Requires Accurate Flow Monitoring

One of Webtec’s longstanding clients in the energy industry offers the service of dynamic testing and validation of hydraulic gearboxes in safety critical applications. With this process highly accurate hydraulic flow metering is required along with other critical input parameters.


Over the years the highly reliable HPM6000 datalogger was successfully used. However, with ever increasing validation requirements there was a requirement for greater features. Webtec’s HPM7000 datalogger was the answer and now provides the customer with all the desired inputs and outputs to meet their current and future needs.

With the new HPM7000 datalogger the customer can continue to deploy the existing Webtec flow sensors as these are backward compatible. The HPM7000 also provides the customer with a step change in data presentation both internally and externally. Also, the option of a high level of customisable inputs such as speed and particle counting. The HPM7000 offers the customer by using proprietary software the opportunity to re-transmit the graphical outputs onto a large flat screen next to the testing cell for customers to view live gearbox testing performance.

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