The annual service provided by Webtec and our service centres provides the user with reassurance that the tester will perform as designed when required and in complete safety. The service consists of 5 elements

  1. Safety – The full safety check includes a high-pressure envelope test and the correct operation of the safety burst disc system will be confirmed.  These are critical safety systems to protect the user and limit the maximum pressure. The unit will have to pass the same standards as when the product was first manufactured.
  2. Functional checks – the flow reading of the unit will be checked and adjusted (if needed) to ensure that the readings are in the specification of the product. This will be performed on one of our four flow test stands – all tests stand have refence meters which are calibrated in a laboratory that maintains traceability to national and international standards including NIST. A certificate detailing the flow testing will be issued to give the user the traceability for their quality system.
  3. Minor repairs – Your tester is used in some harsh environments – it can suffer from minor damage to the handles, load valve knob, instruction labels and feet – if this is the case these will be repaired free of charge as part of the service.
  4. Consumable replenishment – any used consumable items will be replaced – A new battery will always be fitted and any spent or missing burst discs, including the spare ones will be fitted. This ensures that when you need the tester it is ready for operation and valuable time isn’t wasted.

To finish it off – the unit will be fully degreased, cleaned, packaged and shipped to you. All of this for your one-off fee of $568.

If you find your tester isn’t safe or functioning correctly, we can offer a fixed price repair.

You will answer a few simple questions – either by email or phone and from this will we quote you a fixed price repair. This price will include all the labour and parts to get your tester operating again and the annual service. As long as the tester is as you have told us we will not charge you any more than we have quoted. If we find the unit needs a lower level of repair, we will refund the difference.

There are two levels of repair:
Level 1 - $965
Level 2 - $1,532

*An annual service is included with your repair.

In order we can process your order as quickly as possible it is important that you follow the return process as laid out below.

  1. Assess your requirement – if your tester is working and you need an annual service go to step three
  2. Assess the repair – speak to one of our salespeople to confirm the level of repair you need. They will issue a returns number and a proforma invoice to enable easy payment.
  3. Prepare your tester – please remove all fittings from your tester before return (fitting left on the tester may not be returned to you) and package in the original packing if you have it. It is important to mark the package with the returns number so it can be traced back to you.
  4. Ship your tester to us

Sit back and wait for your tester to be returned.


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