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We have the in-house capability to repair over 80% of the Webtec range of products. All Webtec repairs come with a 3 month warranty as standard, unless otherwise stated. If a unit can’t be repaired in house and has to be returned to a third party, you will be kept informed of the progress and alternative arrangements may be made available.

Occasionally, if after assessment of your equipment we find we are either unable to repair or it may be more viable, Webtec may offer an upgrade or a trade in as an option.

Calibration & certification
We are often asked how frequently should a piece of hydraulic test equipment re-calibrated?

Webtec recommends that a hydraulic flow meter or hydraulic tester is re-calibrated every 4000 hours or every 12 months, whichever is sooner.

Should you not follow this recommendation and instead decide your own service interval, we suggest you consider:

• The impact on the system and your production if an unscheduled repair is required
• Product usage or duty cycle
• Wear and tear
• System oil cleanliness (Cleaner oil will mean the flow meter will be less prone to wear and so remain
within calibration for longer)
• Other operating conditions e.g.: vibration, moisture, heat, dust
• Your own company’s ISO9001 recommendation for frequency of calibration

All Webtec test equipment is calibrated against a known reference and a Service certificate of conformity is provided at no additional cost. This certificate only states that the unit passed calibration, but does not provide actual test results. Should you also require a copy of the calibration data this can be purchased separately by ordering a ‘Certificate of flow calibration’ and/or a ‘Certificate of pressure calibration’. Please see our Certificates datasheet for further details.