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Monday 06 March 2023

When it comes to flow, are you in the know?

In 2022 we released our CTA300 compact, rugged and resilient hydraulic flow monitor for permanent installation on both on- and off-highway vehicles, a device that can monitor and transmit data about oil flow rates and temperature via a J1939 CAN-bus interface. Well, guess what? Owing to the notable early success of this new high-quality flow monitor, we decided that even more of you should have access to its benefits. As a result, we’re now adding two new Webtec CTA models to the range, primarily to meet demand from customers manufacturing smaller mobile machinery for the agriculture or construction markets.

Ideal for use in predictive maintenance/IoT systems, permanent installation of our CTA flow monitor allows direct communication to the control and monitoring network of your vehicle. You can transmit performance data to the cloud or an IoT system with subsequent download and analysis in real time. Alternatively, your vehicle’s control system can serve as a link to a centralised monitoring and diagnostic station. Configured this way, the use of our CTA flow monitor can lead to significant productivity improvements, largely because predictive maintenance ensures your engineers can make arrangements to replace a component before it reaches the end of its useful life. No longer will you endure costly, disruptive and potentially dangerous catastrophic failures.

To expand the range of applications that can take advantage of Webtec’s highly beneficial CTA flow monitor, we’re releasing two smaller models for any builders of specialist mobile agricultural or construction machinery looking to monitor smaller hydraulic pump performance on a continuous basis. Offering lower capacities of 60 and 150 l/min, the new flow monitors still feature the same rugged build standards with CAN-J1939 output and IP69K protection, meaning it can withstand intensive cleaning with high-pressure water jets and provides complete protection again dust.

We know that many specialist mobile agricultural and construction machines house smaller pumps that deliver lower flows. With this thought in mind, using a flow monitor with a lower flow range gives better resolution; it can also use a smaller port size, ¾ inch rather than the 1 inch port available on our CTA300.

So, if you manufacture specialist mobile machinery and want to discover how our new CTA60 or CTA150 can turn your hydraulic flow data into a significant bottom-line benefit, please get in touch with our team of experienced hydraulics specialists here at Webtec.

Find out more about the application here

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