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Wednesday 14 December 2022

Webtec’s repair service is a smash hit

We are a specialist hydraulic measurement and control manufacturing company and also offer our customers a repair service which is renowned across industry for its professionalism and quick turnaround times. And although our customers are sometimes pretty surprised by what we can ‘bring back to life’, in truth there is very little we can’t make good. A recent case in point centres on one of our DHM804 digital hydraulic multimeters with Bluetooth capability. Returned to us by a specialist in the sale and service of construction machinery and vehicles, quite frankly it looked like the tester had been run over! However, we knew that our repair team would make light work of this seemingly impossible task.

Firstly, our expert professionals set about removing the damaged parts, discovering with surprise that the flow block had escaped damage. This was good news as the flow block houses the meter’s six-blade turbine, which rotates on a stainless steel bearing and shaft. Here, built-in flow straighteners reduce flow turbulence and allow repeatable and accurate flow measurement in both directions.

Among the numerous components replaced as part of the tester rebuild included the control panel, load valve parts and the case. We then pressure-tested the transformed DHM804 to the latest specification and performed flow calibration. Our team calibrates all testers with 21cSt oil as standard, while the use of reference meters take place in accordance with national and international standards.

We then cleaned the tester up to look its best and generated the necessary certification. Finally, we packaged and shipped the meter back to the user, as good as new. Our customer can now once again leverage the benefits of their DHM804 digital hydraulic multimeter. Suitable for flows up to 800 l/min and pressure up to 480 bar, users can perform flow, pressure, peak pressure, temperature, power and volumetric efficiency measurements using a single device. It is also possible to record data, perform wireless transfers and produce immediate electronic reports as required.

All tester service jobs can now be assessed online and completed for a ‘fixed price’ thereby reducing the turn-around time and giving you certainty about how much the job will cost from the get go.

You can discover more about Webtec’s service, recalibration and repair service here.


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