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Friday 21 October 2022

Time to get smart with hydraulic flow monitoring

As a designer or maintenance manager of on- or off-highway vehicles, you’ll know from experience that knowledge is power. That’s why the launch of a compact, rugged and intelligent hydraulic flow monitor from Webtec should capture your attention. Via a J1939 CAN bus interface, our new CTA series device can monitor and transmit data about your oil flow rates and temperature, making it perfect for use in predictive maintenance/IoT systems.

That’s right, by permanently installing the CTA and communicating directly to the vehicle’s control and monitoring network, it’s possible to transmit performance data to the cloud or an IoT system with subsequent download and analysis in real time. The vehicle’s control system could also serve as a link to a centralised monitoring and diagnostic station, should you so wish.

When used in this way, our CTA flow monitors can achieve next-level productivity improvements. How? Well, because predictive maintenance ensures your engineers can make arrangements to replace a component before it reaches the end of its useful life, without enduring an extremely costly, disruptive and potentially dangerous catastrophic failure.

Applications are wide-ranging and include earthmoving, mining and municipal vehicles, as well as cranes and especially autonomous vehicles, where our CTA flow monitor can continuously assess pump and system performance. When using variable displacement pumps, it’s possible to incorporate regular test routines into your vehicle’s operation so that monitoring takes place under consistent and known operating conditions.

And there’s much more to our new CTA flow monitor. For instance, it can also facilitate real-time system performance information like hydraulic power output or pump volumetric efficiency by combining flow and pressure data, or even engine efficiency by comparing hydraulic power and fuel consumption.   As a final point, our fully EMC-compliant, IP69K rated flow monitors are made to survive the toughest conditions, including jet-washing, salt-spray and heavy vibration, making them an extremely useful addition to your vehicle applications.

Put simply, if you want to leverage the information available from your hydraulic flow and turn that knowledge into a business benefit, we know just the device to make it happen.

Find out more about the application here

Find out more about the product here


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