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Tuesday 01 May 2018

Webtec explains how owners of ageing hydraulic testers can save 60% against the cost of a new unit

We all know that hydraulic testers are hard-working products, largely because of their wide application range. Testers can be used for: setting hydraulic attachments – checking flows and pressures to optimise performance; diagnostic testing – removing the guesswork to only replace faulty parts; pre-despatch inspection – recording results and comparing with pre-specified values; predictive maintenance – monitoring and comparing test data to predict part failure before it occurs; as well as pump testing and calculating volumetric efficiencies. As business-critical devices, leveraging the capabilities of the latest hydraulic testers is clearly vital. However, for those who might be deterred by the cost of a new tester, there is an alternative – upgrading.

Upgrading your hydraulic tester by using a reputable industry product and service provider such as Webtec can offer a cost saving of up to 60% compared with buying a new unit.

Webtec has been manufacturing hydraulic test equipment since 1971 and, due to their quality and reliability, many units from the 1970s, 80s and 90s are still in use today. For test equipment more than 5-10 years old, we offer an upgrade path to the latest technology which comes with a 12-month warranty as standard. This allows us to replace worn or superseded components such as bearings, transducers and electronic displays.

Offered in a 10-day turnaround, the upgrade package currently comprises the Webtec 1, 2 and 4 series hydraulic testers. So, if you are in need of a new tester, but want to avoid the cost of a new unit, why not upgrade?

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