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Monday 14 November 2016

2016 Fluid Power Challenge

Webtec was proud to support the 2016 Fluid Power Challenge.  40 middle school Fluid Power Challenge teams came together on Workshop Day, October 7th at the MSOE Kern Center to learn about hydraulics and get design ideas for their project. They use the same tools and an identical kit of supplies to create their unique mechanisms, which they use in the competition to pick up weighted objects, and place them on a platform.  Mechanism must be operated by hydraulics, include 3 axis of motion and perhaps rotation for the more adventurous. The competition will be November 7th 2017 where teams will be graded in a number of areas, including total points, portfolio ideas, design, teamwork and the number of objects successfully pickup up and placed in the drop zone during a 2 minute drill. 

Hats off to Tom Wanke and Russ Steinmetz for getting this annual event pulled together again.

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