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Friday 31 July 2015

New Bluetooth™ hydraulic tester sells out in first month

Demand outstripped supply when the much anticipated new Webtec hydraulic tester with Bluetooth™ shipped, as promised, in June.

Francisco Dittborn, General Manager of Talleres Lucas, Chile, an early adopter of the new DHM 4 series said, “Our customers have been using Webtec DHM hydraulic testers for the last 10 years, as it’s easy to see what’s happening and quickly find faults, we are very excited about the new DHM 4 series with Bluetooth and smartphone App as it’s quick to send test data to your customer and the better IP rating is ideal for use in the wet copper mines”

This new generation of testers, aimed at hydraulic field service engineers everywhere, enables you to easily measure the true performance of your hydraulic system, pinpoint faults and quickly email a test report in just a few presses of your Android smart phone, using Smart Bluetooth™ functionality and the free-to-download Webtec QuickCert™ App. This truly portable solution means you no longer have to return to the office to send your report as all of this can be achieved while working in a field, a quarry, a construction site or a mine or just on the factory floor!

The DHM 4 series can measure hydraulic flow, pressure, peak pressure, temperature, power and volumetric efficiency and includes on-board memory to record a simple 12 point test, more than sufficient to characterise a hydraulic pump’s performance at varying pressures which can be regulated using the built-in loading valve with Interpass™ safety system.

For further information on the DHM series of portable hydraulic testers, please click here.


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