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Wednesday 07 May 2014

How to produce a professional hydraulic pump or valve test certificate, at the touch of a button

The C2000 is a third generation solution for displaying, logging and reporting hydraulic test information and providing professional test certificates.

Aimed specifically at industrial test stands, the C2000’s rugged design and simple user interface is ideal for customers testing new or re-built hydraulic pumps and valves and is quick to produce a professional hydraulic test certificate at the touch of a button. Earlier in the year, Webtec saw the result of an engineering department led project to install the latest version of our in-house designed C2000 hydraulic data acquisition solution on Webtec’s three UK flow calibration test stands and one test stand in the US. This upgrade allows us to quickly calibrate hundreds of different flow measurement products to exactly the same standard, re-call past test results from anywhere in the world and strengthens Webtec’s commitment to providing world-class service to customers worldwide.

Version 20 of the C2000 software is due to be released in June 2014.


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