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Wednesday 02 October 2013

Product focus: FlowHUB, an early-warning system for your hydraulic power pack?

Are you using or supplying hydraulic power-packs? Are they used for a critical function, like a lubrication system or an always-on process like in a steel mill or car plant?

Do you want a versatile early-warning system, to tell you before you have a failure? The FlowHUB is an easy-to-install multi-function hydraulic monitor that can measure hydraulic flow and temperature, has a built-in display and optional 0-5 V / 4-20 mA output or switches to trigger external alarms in the event of the measured flow range going outside custom set parameters.

Download this case-study to see how one company has saved £££££ by using the FlowHUB to prevent costly downtime on hydraulically lubricated bearings used in steel mills.

To find out more about the FlowHUB, go here.


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