Hydraulic measurement and control
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Non-return valves

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Check (Non-Return) Valves stop fluid flow in one direction while permitting free flow in the opposite direction.

The force exerted by fluid entering the valve direction unseats a spring loaded poppet permitting fluid to pass. The fluid pressure required to unseat the poppet is known as the force in the opposite direction push the poppet against the seat thus preventing fluid passage.

  • Maximum Pressure: 210 bar, 3000 psi
  • Cracking pressure: 0.35 - 4.5 bar, 5 - 65 psi
  • Flow range: 15 - 260 lpm, 4.0 - 68.7 US gpm
  • Porting: BSP
  • Material: Steel and Aluminum components in a Steel body
  • Straight through porting allows the valve to be connected directly in-line thus making the best use of restricted space

Customer can select from 7 valves offering a range of flow ratings and 4 cracking pressure settings


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