Hydraulic measurement and control
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180 Series
Rotary directional control valve

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A 4-port rotary spool type directional control valve, ideal for permitting the start, stop or directional change of fluid under pressure.

  • Working pressure up to 10,000 psi (700 bar)
  • Maximum flow 10 US gpm (38 lpm)
  • SAE/NPT/BSP ports, or manifold ported to D03/CETOP3/PCD types.
  • Steel components in aluminium body
  • Maximum tank line pressure up to 1450 psi (100 bar)
  • Over 4500 possible configurations

The valves utilise an optically flat rotary spool with pressure loaded seats, to ensure either zero or near zero leakage.


Hydraulic Oil Viscosity Calculator

This unique free-of-charge app calculates oil viscosity under different temperature and pressure conditions.

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Hydraulic Oil Viscosity Calculator

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