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Mass and Density

Note: Symbols of SI units, multiples and submultiples are given in parentheses in the right hand column.

Multiply By To obtain
    grain (1/7000 lb avoirdupois) 0.06479891     gram (g)
    gram 15.43236     grain
    gram 0.001*     kilogram (kg)
    gram 0.03527397     ounce (avoirdupois)
    gram 0.03215074     ounce (troy)
    gram/centimetre3 0.03612730     pound/inch3
    hundredweight (long) 50.80235     kilogram (kg)
    hundredweight (short) 45.35924     kilogram (kg)
    kilogram 1,000.*     gram (g)
    kilogram 35.27397     ounce (avoirdupois)
    kilogram 32.15074     ounce (troy)
    kilogram 2.204622     pound (avoirdupois)
    kilogram 0.06852178     slug
    kilogram 0.0009842064     ton (long)
    kilogram 0.001102311     ton (short)
    kilogram 0.001*     ton (metric)
    kilogram 0.001*     tonne
    kilogram 0.01968413     hundredweight (long)
    kilogram 0.02204622     hundredweight (short)
    kilogram/metre3 0.06242797     pound/foot3
    kilogram/metre3 0.01002242     pound/gallon (UK liquid)
    kilogram/metre3 0.008345400     pound/gallon (US liquid)
    ounce (avoirdupois) 28.34952     gram (g)
    ounce (avoirdupois) 0.02834952     kilogram (kg)
    ounce (troy) 31.10348     gram (g)
    ounce (troy) 0.03110348     kilogram (kg)
    pound (avoirdupois) 0.4535924     kilogram (kg)
    pound/foot3 16.01846     kilogram/metre3 (kg/m3)
    pound/inch3 27.67990     gram/centimetre3 (g/cm3)
    pound/gallon (US liquid) 119.8264     kilogram/metre3 (kg/m3)
    pound/gallon (UK liquid) 99.77633     kilogram/metre3 (kg/m3)
    slug 14.59390     kilogram (kg)
    ton long (2240 lb) 1,016.047     kilogram (kg)
    ton short (2000 lb) 907.1847     kilogram (kg)
    ton (metric) 1,000.*     kilogram (kg)
    tonne 1,000.*     kilogram (kg)

* Where an asterisk is shown, the figure is exact